Imagine, it’s finally move in day for your dream home; You’ve spent countless hours deciding on this color versus that one, these cabinets versus those, and granite counter tops instead marble.  You’ve committed to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades, but your Mill Spring, NC home is finally ready for you.  In minutes of walking through your beautiful new home, you see it in the bathroom; a massive 16” long crack in the back wall of your brand new shower.  Quickly you dream home becomes a mini-nightmare!

Premiere Fiberglass to the Rescue!

cracked fiberglass

16″ Fiberglass Crack

Everyone knows, accidents happen.  But accidents happen frequently on construction sites were deadlines keep constant pressure on contractors, and budgets are closely monitored by everyone.  The damage to the fiberglass wall (pictured) was a combination of an accident when it was being installed and a manufacturing defect – where the thickness of the shower wall was not exactly right.  Regardless of fault, the good news is that the manufacturing company, Aker by Maax, contacted Premiere Fiberglass to handle this local repair BEFORE the new home construction was complete.

Getting Started…

Luckily, we had the ability to access both sides of the shower wall for this repair – always a great option when it’s available. Our first step was to reinforce the wall from behind with fiberglass so that it was even stronger than it would have been direct from the factory. Next we used a Dremel tool to grind out all the cracks.

Sand and repeat!

We start with a rough 240 grit sandpaper as our first step to prepare the Gel-Coat surface for repair. Then we apply a polyester filler to the entire repair area. During this process we make absolutely certain there are no pinholes and no deviation from the original surface design. After filling and sanding are complete we prepare the area for spraying on the new Gel-Coat finish. Next, we make sure the color match is perfect or our repair will stand out. After color matching the surface, we carefully spray on light layers of Gel-Coat. After the Gel-Coat cures, we wet sand sand and buff the repair to bring it back to factory finish and shine.

And Then Sand Some More…

If this process sounds repetitive, it’s because it is! But in order to achieve a repair that meets or supersedes the demands of the manufacturer and the scrutiny of a new home owner, we take the time needed to make sure that the repair is flawless. In the end NO ONE can determine where the fiberglass damage happened originally. And while the process seems lengthy to read about, we actually completed this repair in less than three hours!

fiberglass shower repair

Professional Fiberglass Repair Services

When you’ve got a bath tub, shower walls or a tub/shower combination unit repair, call the same fiberglass professionals that the manufacturers call: Premiere Fiberglass Repair Services of Asheville, NC!